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Tackling "minor problems" without the need for medication


( I )     Introduction of Manual First Aid Certificate Course

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Acupressure in first aid is achieved by applying appropriate finger pressure on the correct meridian points of the human body. This course mainly teaches the use of finger pressure to deal with general accidents at 18 meridian points.

The content includes: basic theory, knowledge of acupoints, finger pressure techniques and first aid for general accidents (including headache, shock, coma, fainting, heat stroke, epilepsy (goat hanging), cold spells, nosebleeds and cramps).

This is a nine-hour course with both theory and practice. Those who have attended all nine hours of the course and passed the examination (oral examination) will be eligible to apply for the "Acupressure in First Aid Certificate" issued by the Hong Kong China Life Saving Society.

It is recommended that the course be divided into three three-hour sessions, with the first session being theoretical, the second being practical, and the third being revision and examination.

Course Fee: $320.00 per participant (minimum 16 participants), instructor to be provided by the Association.

Include: textbook, instructor's fee, examination fee and certificate application fee.

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